1. We accept handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories, preferably less than two years old. We only accept clean items that are in immaculate condition or at our discretion. 

2. You will receive a hard copy and an email receipt of your stock with the price point.

3. Your items will be on sale for a contractual period of 8 weeks (6 weeks at full price; after which items will be reduced by up to 20%). It is your responsibility to contact us if you do not want your items reduced after this period.  

4. At the end of 8 weeks, any unsold items will be here for you to collect for a limited period only. It is your responsibility to check if items have been sold at the end of the contractual period of 8 weeks. You will need to arrange a date for collection (allowing 7 days notice). If you do not collect your items, they will be donated to charity.

5. You will receive a 'fixed price sale'. This price will be stated on your stock sheet and emailed over to you. You will receive this amount within the first week of the following month in which the sale is fulfilled. 

6. Payment for any items sold will be paid by bank transfer and processed on the 1st of the month after your item has sold. Please ensure you have given us your bank details and do note that it can take up to 7 working days to reach your account.

7. Bond Street To Your Street reserves the right to remove any item from sale.

8. We do not accept any item that we suspect is 'fake'. If there is doubt in the provenance of an item it will be authenticated at your cost. If the item proves to be unauthentic, we will charge an authentication fee of £15.

9. Do not be offended if we refuse any of your items; it sometimes happens and may be due to a number of reasons, not necessarily the quality of the item.

10. We love receiving new items from clients; however, we do run a 'full' policy if we have too much stock. 

11. You leave your property with Bond Street to Your Street at your own risk and Bond Street to Your Street cannot accept liability. I am insured for robbery and where possible, upon agreement from my insurers; a 50% payment will be made of the agreed price. There is no guarantee. However, I am not insured for shop lifting. This is an insurance that is impossible for any business to get. 

12. You will receive an itemised receipt for accepted goods and by leaving your goods it indicates acceptance of Bond Street to Your Street's Terms and Conditions.

 13. Some items may be offered for sale via the internet. For items sold in this way you will receive 50% of the final selling price unless otherwise agreed or a 'set price sale' is agreed. 

14. We may contact you for time to time for promotional purposes. Rest assured that we will not pass on your contact details to any other organisation; we want to keep you all to ourselves.

15. If any items of clothing and/or accessories need to be dry cleaned or leather conditioned there is a flat fee of £10 per item and this will be deducted at point of sale or will need to be paid before the items are collected if they remain unsold.

16. Whilst bags and all other accessories/clothing are with Bond Street to Your Street, they are under contract with us and they cannot be sold on any other sites or in any other format.

17. Items are not to be removed from the shop without prior arrangement with the manager.

18. All items left in the boutique are made available for our 3-month interest free credit option. If you do not want your items sold under these circumstances, then please inform us. In that instance you will be paid once all payments are completed.

19. All items left at Bond Street to Your Street, may be offered for sale at both our stores; Ashford, Kent and Tenterden, Kent. It is your responsibility to inform us if you don’t want this service.

20. Please note I receive a large volume of emails and messages so to allow up to 48 hours for a reply and where possible please call one of our stores within their opening times. Tilly Coleman can also be contacted through our Facebook page for general queries.

21. Any items left over the value of £5,000 must be personally insured. It is your responsibility to ensure they are insured up to their full value as the owner of the item.

22. Please note due to the large volume of items we receive you will not see everything advertised on our website and social media, however everything is put out for sale in our stores.

23. By leaving your items with Bond Street to Your Street you are accepting our terms and conditions.