Emma Pinfold

Since 2009 Emma has focused on a pre loved, sustainable business model which provides outstanding value to the consumer and gives a nod to the well being of the environment.


Meet Emma, boss-lady, fashion-guru, handbag adorer, and the heart and soul of Bond Street to Your Street. Bond Street was birthed in 2009 when Emma had the idea to start selling some of her personal designer handbags that couldn’t fit in her closet. As she cleared space and started selling her pre-loved designer bags to close friends, unknowingly, she was also making room for something so much bigger. Since her humble beginning over thirteen years ago, Bond Street to Your Street has become a brand synonymous with quality, style, and high-end designer items. We pride ourselves on creating a sustainable, reliable, and dedicated community that connects our clients with the bag of their dreams, or accepts one of their designer darlings to our collection.